Commercial Kitchen Cooker Hoods

Commercial  Cooker Hoods for use in professional kitchen restaurants and kitchen ventilation systems

Commercial kitchen cooker hoods come in all shape and sizes.  We can manufacture all of them.  From island cooker hoods to wall and eyebrow cooker hoods, we make them all.  Here is a quick breakdown to the types we manufacture:-

  • Wall Extractor Cooker Hoods – Box type or tapered type when headroom is tight.  Good airflow and good value
  • Island Extractor Cooker Hoods – For professional cooking that require large groups of equipment in the kitchen cookline.  Island hoods can have fresh air built into the extractor hood, with optional spot cooling and inboard air infiltration.
  • Pizza Extractor Hoods – Two set of baffle filter housings that capture the exhaust air from each end of the pizza conveyor.  Pizza extractor hoods are also a large size than standard extractor hoods.
  • Eyebrow extractor hoods – These extractor hoods are lower and closer to the cooking appliance, the advantage is they can operate in a tighter space than conventional kitchen extraction ventilation.
Commercial Kitchen Extraction Hoods
Commercial Kitchen Fan Monitoring System
Commercial Kitchen Extractor Cooklines and equipment options
Commercial Kitchen Fabrication Racks and stainless steel tables

What benefits do your commercial kitchen extractor hoods offer me?

Commercial Kitchen Extractors for Commercial Kitchens require very different requirements when compared to other types of ventilation systems.  Below are a few of the main points to consider when looking for commercial kitchen extractors:-

  • Planning change of use – Local council require a extractor fan hood system to be planned and designed.  Details of the system should then be submitted with the planning permission
  • Odour control – UV systems, carbon cells and electrostatic precipitators all have there positives and negatives.  As an example carbon cells and Electrostatic precipitators are the only devices that deal with smoke, grease and help to reduce odours.
  • Extractor fans need to be designed with the worst case fan pressure in mind.  It’s no good installing a fan that will only work when the system is clean.
  • The large and more powerful the fan, the more electrical energy they consume and the louder they become.
  • Fans can be silenced and ideally should be 10dB(A) to 15dB(A) below background LAeq90 values.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Hood Cooklines

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Hoods Cooklines

Inverter Power Controller

Energy Efficient Speed Controller

Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

Computer Monitoring of Fan Temperature, Power & Pressures

Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Extractor Hood Fans

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Powerful 3 phase commercial fan

Out of airstream backward curved impeller

Great for chargrilling & high grease content

High Pressures & High Air Volumes

Low noise fan

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Hoods Excellence

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Speed Controller

Revolutionary commercial kitchen extractor fan speed controls have changed the way energy is used in commercial kitchen extraction systems forever

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Hoods

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Powerful Kitchen extraction for restaurants, fast food and food factory catering establishments

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