Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan

Powerful commercial grade kitchen extractor fans for use when only the best will do.

Commercial kitchen extraction ventilation require a very specialised extractor fan.  They should be capable of dealing with high temperatures for prolonged periods of cooking and service levels.  The particulate content of the air can contain, steam, water vapour, grease particulates of various sizes and carbon from the cooking process as well as numerous other parts.  This all leaves the extractor fan with a lot to deal with.  Cheaper axial fans can deal with the air pressure and volumes but very rarely live upto the continuous demands of really professional cooking.

That’s why the most cost effective fan is a backward curved centrifugal type.  It’s reliability is second to none.  It will last years rather than just a few months.  Proven technology that stands the test of time.

Commercial Kitchen Fan Monitoring System

What benefits do your fan offer me?

Backward curved impeller fans offer the following advantages over other fan types:-

  • They curve against the direction of the airflow
  • They act like an aerofoil, moving more air, for less noise and energy cost
  • They provide high fan power for a given efficiency
  • New building regulations for the UK stipulate a greater fan effciency should be installed, our fans help greatly
  • Curved extractor fans work better with high heat and greasy particulates, such as those found in restaurants and fast food.
  • Higher wear can be encountered before failure
  • The fan motor is not in the hot greasy airstream, it is outside
  • The extraction fan motor therefore stays cooler and runs for longer
  • The fan is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Lower maintenance costs means lower lifetime ownership

Commercial Kitchen Fan System Monitor

Commercial kitchen fan breakdown system

Inverter Power Controller

Energy Efficient Speed Controller

Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

Computer Monitoring of Fan Temperature, Power & Pressures

See live data from any web enabled device

Next Generation Fan Controls

Powerful 3 phase commercial fan

Out of airstream backward curved impeller

Great for chargrilling & high grease content

High Pressures & High Air Volumes

Low noise fan

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Speed Controller

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Speed Controller

Revolutionary commercial kitchen extractor fan speed controls have changed the way energy is used in commercial kitchen extraction systems forever

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan

Extractor Fan

Powerful Kitchen extraction for restaurants, fast food and food factory catering establishments

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