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The amazing new revolution in high availability Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring

Our new revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring system promises to revolutionise the commercial kitchen sector.  No more lost sales due to an unexpected commercial fan breakdown.  We have leveraged the latest computer detection technology to give us unprecedented access to the commercial kitchen fan real time running characteristics.  We immediately detect any abnormal behaviour and take corrective action.

Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring
Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring Extraction Systems

How Does The Commercial Energy Monitoring Fan Detection System Work?

The Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring fan and controller have multiple environmental sensors, such as

Temperature of fan motor

External temperature

System pressure

Fan motor current sensors

Other backup sensors

These provide fan telemetry data to the brains of the system, a low power full computer that makes constant second by second decisions on how the system is performing.  If a issue is found the system will adapt the fan motor settings in order to limit current beyond a safety limit.  It notifies our 24 hour control room and allocates an engineer to change the faulty part or fix the problem.

The fault can require a complete change of fan or a simple motor change.

All of this happens at any time of day or night.  Our system can notify a set list of people that the fan has an issue and requires attention.

Commercial Kitchen Fan Energy Monitoring System

Commercial kitchen fan breakdown system

Inverter Power Controller

Energy Efficient Speed Controller

Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

Computer Monitoring of Fan Temperature, Power & Pressures

See live data from any web enabled device

Next Generation Fan Controls

Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring Fans

Powerful 3 phase commercial fan

Out of airstream backward curved impeller

Great for chargrilling & high grease content

High Pressures & High Air Volumes

Low noise fan

Powerful Business Data At Your Fingertips

Energy Monitoring Webpage

Powerful backend integration enable global business views or an indepth store view.  Manage individual store energy profitability with ease

Data Integration On The Go

Smartphone energy management interface

Compatible web enabled apps

Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring for multiple sites

The Most Powerful Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring System In The World.

Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring Made Easy

With data from every store you can easily see which stores are using more energy than comparable stores.  Anticipate maintenance issues.  Change fan and filters when needed.  Watch system pressures and fan energy consumption in real time.

Revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Energy Monitoring!

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