Commercial Recirculating Kitchen Cooker Hoods

Commercial Recirculating Kitchen Cooker Hoods, an easy and convenient alternative to traditional commercial kitchen extraction systems. No ducting, no planning permission, no more problems!

Commercial Recirculating Kitchen Cooker Hoods, the benefits!

Our Commercial recirculating cooker hood offers one main distinct advantage, filtration of cooking fumes, without external ducting.  Our unit is standalone, is easily maintained and efficient in it’s energy use.

  • Ductless kitchen extractor hood design – no external ducting required

  • Built in odour control – Grease Filters, Carbon cells, HEPA filters and new optional heavy grease filtration.

  • Suitable for all types of electric cooking equipment and induction cooking.

  • Self maintenance units, no expensive callouts, easy to change filters, optional self monitoring unit.

  • Low noise levels and vibration levels, using our “SilentExtract” Technology

  • Connecting to existing hoods or adapt to insitu extraction systems – easy to install

  • Lowest price on the market today – utilising our modern engineering facility to give the lowest price.

  • Guaranteeed lowest purchase cost and lowest running cost of any system on the market today



Product Details

Recirculating cooker hood.  Finally an answer to the difficult task of adding commercial kitchen extraction where it would very difficult have ductwork, extractor fans and odour control equipment mounted externally.  The problem is usually made worse where there are residential properties nearby.  The close proximity of residential properties means that the extraction fan noise and the extra cost of expensive odour control equipment means the cost of the system very quickly gets out of hand.  In some extreme case the odour control and system maintenance can be more than the shop fit out!

The ductless fan extraction system, can be easily moved about to optimise the cookline of the premises.  If you move premises you can take it with you.   Compared to a traditional commercial extraction system it will pay for itself many times over.